Book Review | I Hope This Finds You Well

Title: I Hope This Finds You Well: Poems Author: Kate Baer Publisher: Harper Perennial Published: 9 November 2021 Pages: 80 TW: misogyny, sexism ★★★ This review might be all over the place but please stay with me. Okay, so the book of poems starts with a little introduction about how Baer came to the idea … Continue reading Book Review | I Hope This Finds You Well

Book Review | Dearly

Title: Dearly Author: Margaret Atwood Publisher: Ecco Published: 10 November 2020 Pages: 124 Content Warnings: death, violence, rape, sexual assault, misogyny ★★★ I'm going to be upfront and state my bias right away. I have a difficult time with Margaret Atwood. Much of her feminism is grounded in white feminism (intersectionality is not a consideration) … Continue reading Book Review | Dearly