TTT | Books to Read Again for the First Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

Reading a book for the first time is so special and hits you differently then when you re-read something. So, here are the books I’d love to read again for the first time.

This book will never not break my heart! I wish I could read it again and just absorb every line and action into my being.

Dig is a non-linear story that digs (pun not intended) into a family that used to be potato farmers. It’s about how do we reconcile our past with our future and what is the responsibility of white people in America. Just a beautiful novel with lots of questions to discuss.

I just want to spend more time with this family, and see what happens in the future for them.

In our age of Covid, reading about the AIDS crisis seems fitting. A crisis that no one wanted and one that people didn’t seem to care much about. I’d love to read June’s journey for the first time and her relationship with her uncle, the only person who seems to understand June. To be able to go on the journey of grief with her again and just fully immerse myself in her story.

I first read this in a graduate poetry class, so it was speed read through to finish it in time for class. To get the chance to read it again for the first time and really soak up the poems that Eavan Boland writes would be such a pleasure.

While I love a good mystery/horror book, I sometimes feel like I never really enjoy the story enough cause I’m just wanting to know whodunit or what’s going on. I’m so focused on getting to the end that I miss really getting to know the journey and characters.

Again another mystery book that I rushed through to see what happened. I’d especially love to read this again cause I’m always a sucker for anything Holmes & Watson related.

Another book that raises so many questions about family and what we pass down to the next generation.

I absolutely love retellings, especially if the retelling changes things up like making Jane Eyre a killer. Yes, please! I’d absolutely love to get to read this again for the first time just for the funness of the novel.

I think about this book about once a week, if not more. It ruined me! I’d love to be able to read Verity and Mattie’s friendship anew and get to experience all the many emotions that come with it.

Happy Reading Darlings!

TTT | Summer Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

Today’s topic is a freebie. Here is a list of books that are fun beachy summer reads. There a mix of ones that I’ve either read or will be reading.

Happy Reading Darlings!

#FridayFavorites | Platonic Relationships

I started #FridayFavorites back when I started up the blog again and wanted to make sure I kept at least one regular post a week. This was, of course, before I knew there were others out there. But I decided to keep it, especially since I have the whole year planned out. If anyone wants to join me, the list for future topics can be found here.

Today’s topic covers some of my favorite platonic relationships, and because of how I’m grouping them, I list six instead of five.


Lydia and Piper – these two girls have grown up together and when Piper goes missing, Lydia will do anything to find her friend. I love women/girl friendships since media represents so much cat fights among women. It’s a refreshing change of pace!

Yes, we don’t get much interaction between the two in the books. But I like to think Hermione and Ginny are really great friends!


Harry and Luna’s friendship is probably one of my favorite friendships in the Harry Potter series! They’re both so adorable and their friendship is so sure and pure.

Jamie is the descendant of John Watson and Charlotte is the descendant of Sherlock Holmes. Jamie is determined to not be friends with Charlotte, but circumstances at their school throw them together. I truly love the fact that their friendship is platonic and not romantic in anyway (so far, I haven’t read the latest book, so don’t quote me).


I cannot get over the beauty and love and wonderfulness aspect of Will and Jem’s friendship. They love each other so much and so purely, it’s beautiful!

Oh Samwise Gamgee!! One of the greatest friendships in literary history. Sam and Frodo’s friendship is the reason they make it to Mordor, and more importantly, it’s Sam’s love for Frodo that gets them there and through the end.

Happy Reading, Lovelies!

TTT | Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provide a topic and you are free to use that topic and/or variations of that topic to make your top ten list. A full list of the weekly themes can be found here.

The theme this week are books that should be adapted into Netflix shows or movies. I’m going to go with the assumption that I’m in control of the whole production, and that they follow the book exactly as is…basically, I want book slapper to be a real job.

Without further ado…

Sarah J. Maas is a brilliant writer, and this series is up there with Harry Potter as one of my favorite series. If done well, it could be an amazing TV show!

This book…THIS BOOK!! A book about books, a mystery, family dram it has everything to make an amazing movie!

The themes presented in this book are so important for young people, and even adults, to learn. Desegregation and LGBTQ+ themes in one book, I mean you cannot tell me this would make a bad movie.

I know Jack the Ripper seems overdone, but I think Kerri Maniscalco has a unique and fun twist in her book. Plus, with the other books in this series (same characters throughout but each book deals with one case) means that this could be a great TV series!

A great historical fiction book with such fascinating characters and an amazing plot! I’ve read a couple of Kate Quinn’s books and they’re both amazing!

Okay, I know there’s already a movie franchise surrounding this whole series. But would it not be better to have it as a TV series instead. Each chapter (or 2 or 3) an episode and each book a season.

Another book about books, and another one that has such a great mystery. Plus, I would absolutely love to see the Cemetery of Forgotten books or have it be real!

Okay, I’m tired of saying it but again, great mystery, historical fiction, young adult book. Bisexual characters is a huge plus! And, as with previous books, this one could be a TV series.

I think I gush about this book at least once a week, and I would love to see it as a movie (if done correctly). I would definitely have more specifications needed for this one, as taking diary entries and turning it into a movie would require a bit more finesse.

As with Jack the Ripper, I know Sherlock Holmes is overdone. However, I do think having the Charlotte Holmes series as a TV show does give a different viewpoint into Sherlock and Watson. By using their descendants instead (and having a female Sherlock), it does provide an interesting point-of-view to the books.

Let me know the books you’d like to see as movies in the comments below.

Happy Reading, Lovelies!