Blog Name Change

If you haven’t noticed I’ve changed the blog name!

I had the idea since last summer or fall when I came out as nonbinary to a friend of mine and she responded with “I put you in the trope of non-binary librarian witch.” And I completely feel in love with this idea! Definitely helps that I’m in school to become a librarian. I had already created the blog and while I knew I could change it, I didn’t.

As I work and live in a conservative town, I wasn’t ready to come out to, well….everyone. I came out to my close friends and just recently came out to the family. (I’ve been out as a lesbian since I was 19). Lately, it’s just been….hard, so, so hard to get up everyday and pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m still slightly scared but I’m not posting anymore of my blog on my other social media platforms (for the moment). And yes, while I’m working on my library science degree, I have been looking at jobs elsewhere. But I’m not leaving my current job until I have another one lined up.

I’m hoping that this small coming out will help keep my feelings of despair away 💜

Thank you to all who follow and comment!!

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