Friday Fives | Picture Books

Picture books are just as important as regular adult fiction. They deal with as many themes and ideas that we adults still need to learn apparently. Here are my top five favorite picture books. These are my favorites as of today, not when I was a kid.

Ada Twist, Scientist is an adorable book about a little girl who loves to ask questions. The drawings are amazing in this book and the story is so well written. It also is great to see a Black girl represented in books doing something completely normal.

I mean it is the better Bundo book, so of course it has to be on the list. John Oliver in one of his episodes discussed Pence and his record. At the end, he mentioned he liked Pence’s rabit, Marlon Bundo. Pence came out with his version of the book, so Oliver came out with his. The book is about Bundo meeting another boy rabbit and falling in love, until a stink bug tells them this is wrong. You’ll have to read to know what happens!

What can I say, I have a dark sense of humor. Last Laughs is poems about animals dying. Here is one of my favorite poems, “Chicken Crosses Over”

She never found the answer

to the age old question,

Why did the chicken cross the ro-?

Another book that is inclusive but focuses on something simple. Penny is going with her mom to work for the day, and Penny really wants to meet POTUS. Yet, she’s trying to figure out what POTUS will look like. She’s in for a bit of surprise. Completely adorable!

It’s a classic book for a reason. All about a young child seeing the first snow and looking at this new world with magic and wonder. It also is a reminder for adults, I think, to try to remember the way we looked at the world when we were younger.

Let me about your favorite picture books in the comments!

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